Online Trainings

We provide regular online trainings about various aspects of digital security for journalists. The trainings consists of two elements: first, an online video, and second, live Q&A sessions, where you can ask your own questions about the topic. The videos are free of charge and you do not have to register.

Current training

Two-factor authentication protects your accounts from hacking attacks. But did you know that there are different flavours of two-factor authentication?  And that not every one of them offers the same level of protection? 

In this video we focus on these questions.  We explain the four most common types of two-factor authentication (2FA): U2F tokens, authenticator apps, authentication prompts, and SMS.  We explain how they protect you against hackers and how they work in background.  We also show how advanced phishing attacks might try to circumvent 2FA, and which 2FA method protects best against these attacks. 


Previous Videos

In our previous videos we talked about password security.  You can rewatch the previous video here.

Future Topics

  • best-practices and precautions against other attack scenarios such as phishing, shoulder surfing, and session hijacking attacks
  • how encryption works
  • how to use VPNs and Anonymity-Tools
  • how to select a secure mobile messenger

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