In case you need training – you are not alone. Reporters Without Borders would like to help you with your skills. Therefore you can define your needs, join our online trainings or answer multiple choice questions to test your knowledge.

Online Training

We provide a free online training program about digital security concepts for journalists. Our training consists of short videos and regular online consultation hours, in which we answer questions.

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Your Threat Model

You do not know how to protect yourself online? At first, you have to define your assets and adversaries. Our interactive tool for threat modeling helps you!

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Quiz about Encryption

Do you know what end-to-end encryption means? Can you find out who knows what about your encrypted communication? Test your knowledge!

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Quiz about Account security

Do you know what a strong password looks like? Do you know what Two-Factor-Authentification means? Test your knowledge!

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Quiz about Anonymisation

Do you know how a VPN works? Do you know what the Tor browser protects you against? Test your knowledge!

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